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Trump, Facebook, Video Shaking The World

by John on 01/28/2016

Economically, culturally, and politically we are in the midst of an earthquake.

That shaking you’re hearing today is The Donald, Facebook, and the power of video.

Trump’s next great act of disruption happens tonight when he skips the Iowa presidential debate less than a week before the Iowa Caucuses to hold his own rally to raise money for wounded warriors.

It is no coincidence that as Trump is turning on its head: politics — namely the GOP; and the media — in this case Fox News; Facebook is doing the same.

Facebook’s latest financial reports were mind-blowing. Facebook is also disrupting the mainstream media by taking away advertising revenue.

The question remains: is Facebook creating new advertising markets or are they stealing from traditional media? I don’t think we know yet. I assume it is both. Either way, this is huge.

The biggest component is video advertising. People watched 100 million hours of video on Facebook in the last quarter of 2015.

This is how companies will reach customers.

Why does this work?

  • Video allows you to tell your story quickly without wasting people’s time.
  • Video can run as long as it needs to on Facebook; no more 30-second spots.
  • Video allows people to understand how to use your products and services
  • Video allows you to show people how real and great you and your team are.

Why am I telling you this? Click here. You will see plenty of video ideas.

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