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Trump and Other Politicians Give US Pills for Symptoms, Not Causes

by John on 03/28/2016

So many of you are sick of Trump.

All my friends and colleagues talk about Trump stomach aches, a case of the Trump trots, or suffering from The Donald Depression.

Granted, The Donald’s brand of politics is sickeningly infectious, but our other candidates are carriers too.

But we The People are to blame.

That’s because we continue to allow these quacks to treat our symptoms and not the causes.

Let me give you an example from our healthcare system that is beginning to turn away from being a sick-care system. I hear this kind of story from numerous doctors now involved in more common sense, less expensive, preventative medicine.

This example also explains our political malaise.

A woman in her 50s feels horrible physically and mentally. She does the normal thing; she goes to her doctor. He does what doctors have been doing for decades. He prescribes an anti-depressant. Weeks later, the woman is worse. Finally, she is desperate.

She wants answers. So she does something different. She goes to another kind of doctor; a doctor who practices preventative medicine.

In the course of an in-depth exam, she reveals that she also has chronic constipation.

After more tests, the doctor reveals that the problem is really in her gut. Her aging hormones are stuck in her digestive track and recirculating in her system causing her to feel physically and emotionally sick.

The doctor prescribes a natural probiotic and no anti-depressants. Within weeks, she feels great.

A miracle of modern medicine? No, it’s common sense medicine.

One of the doctors I spoke to is Wayne Dysinger MD.

Not only does he have his own direct primary care business, but he is a professor at Loma Linda University in California.

From his research, Dr. Dysinger told me, “80% of what ails us can be cured are controlled by lifestyle changes.”

That means:

  • Exercise on a regular basis even if it means walking for an hour a day
  • Diet with natural foods loaded with protein and complex carbohydrates while eliminating sugar and flour
  • Reduce stress
  • Get a deep sleep every night in a dark room
  • See your primary doctor on a regular basis to avoid the start of long-term serious illness and long-term costs

So how does this parallel the sickness in our body politic?

Let me explain.

(But first, I am using this example and the findings of preventative medicine purely as my example. I have never spoken to Dr. Dysinger or any other doctor about politics and their views. So these are my views and observations.)

However, in tying into their research, I think 80% of what ails us as a country can be cured or corrected by using common sense and finding the actual causes of our problems. They are:

  • An aging population that will require more government money for living and medical care. The Baby-Boomers are retiring. So, instead of 4 workers for every 1 retiree paying into the system, it is just the opposite. Many studies find that recipients have only paid in about 1/3 of what they will use in medical care in the years and decades ahead. That is a heavy burden for our younger generation that is facing other problems like;
  • Technology is reducing jobs, not creating them. It’s cheaper for companies to buy more software rather than hire more people with salary, benefits, and potential management headaches.

As a nation, we have allowed our politicians to treat the symptoms and not the causes of what is wrong with us.

But these illnesses are connected to almost all of our politicians and leaders. Donald Trump just happens to be the prime example; he’s like the Ebola of political viruses getting way too much attention.

As I explain here, Trump and the others offer political pills that makes us feel good.

“We are going to be great again.”

“Let’s make America whole.”

“A political revolution is coming.”

Those slogans might make us feel better in the short-run but it could kill us in the near future.

Let me concentrate on Trump’s whacko cures because they seem to be getting into the blood stream of many Americans that could cause the most damage. Dr. Trumpenstein is prescribing:

  • Building a wall on the Mexican border. It puts a salve on the symptom of losing your job to some immigrant. But the reality: it’s a waste of time, money, and materials. In addition, Mexico won’t pay that. The real cause: we need comprehensive immigration reform. The GOP and the Democrats have not acted on it, placating labor unions and businesses that want low-cost migrants to bolster the bottom line.
  • Make trade deals more advantageous to us. The obvious symptom: jobs are going overseas because of cheaper labor. Trump’s medicine: we’re going to force companies like Apple to make the iPhone here. The actual outcome: your iPhone will be $3000 and too expensive; there will be unrest and problems in these developing companies; and we will have another trade war like we did in the 1930s leading to a Depression. Trump, like many others, fails to address the actual cause: technology is making companies so efficient that they don’t need to hire as many people and it is easier to hire qualified people in other countries for pennies on the dollar. I saw this in Cebu, Philippines on a recent trip. Highly trained workers can be paid $1,000 a month, a windfall for them, while at the same time they speak American English. The real solution: job training for workers here to get 21st Century jobs.
  • Ban all Muslims from entering the United States. The outward symptom: Muslims are killing us. The reality: Muslim extremists are killing more Muslims than non-Muslims; such a move would violate the Constitutional right of freedom of religion; while we will discourage good intel on home-grown terrorists from good Muslim Americans; and it gives ISIS and other terrorists more propaganda.
  • Abolish Obamacare. Sounds good to anti-Obama folks. The reality: what do you replace it with? The irony: the things he wants in healthcare are already in the Affordable Care Act. Let me give Trump some credit, though. He offers a bit more than most GOP candidates on healthcare reform. He is calling for more free market so that insurance companies can cross state lines to sell policies. Still, Trump’s plan is light on other details.
  • Don’t touch Medicare or Social Security. That sounds like a sweet elixir to the majority of voters who are either receiving or will soon be receiving those benefits. And most of them vote. The reality: in a few years those entitlements could swamp us by taking up 40% of our federal budget; that will lead to higher taxes for today’s youth; more deficits; and more Fed actions that will devalue the dollar. As all politicians, not just Trump, have done for decades they have failed to look at the cause: we are an aging population with too many people receiving benefits. The real solution: raise the eligibility age for recipients; tax all income, no matter what they make, for Medicare benefits and don’t stop at the $120,000 level.

What are the real solutions? Again, these were laid out in the Simpson-Bowles plan rejected by both Democrats and Republicans because they feared they wouldn’t get re-elected.

  • Increases taxes to increase revenues. This includes increases on all incomes
  • Decrease the cost of entitlements. Raise the eligibility age to receive these entitlements and to tax all incomes including the higher incomes
  • Invest in Infrastructure. That means building better highways, bridges, train systems, and airports, and internet connections
  • Invest in Retraining. Our kids need jobs for the 21st Century to compete with other nations’ workers. All we get now are expensive degrees, no job opportunity, and massive debt.

Will this be easy and painless? No.

But if we work together as a country then it can be done.

Excuse me. I have to go to the bathroom.

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