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The Economy is Fine? The Media Bias. Please!!!!

by John on 06/11/2012

Another stupid argument fomented by the media. 

The president said the economy doing fine.  Then he is forced to walk it back.

The Informed Not Inflamed Take:

Stupid, stupid, stupid: stupid media; stupid political parties; and stupid people.

Again, this is more rhetoric from the GOP and the media picks up on it and runs with it.

It’s all part of the media bias circle.  A political party harps on something and the media uses it for more advertising and ratings.

The facts:

  1. The economy has improved since 2008 when the President took office.
  2. Most economists said it would be a slow recovery: our debts are too high; spending from two wars has crippled us; entitlements are ready to explode; and China and the developing world can easily compete with us economically.
  3. The economy is fine for many of the GOP supporters.  Corporate America is having its highest profits in 5 years.  The stock market is up 50% since it hit rock bottom.
  4. Is the economy still fragile?  Sure, we’re facing the European crisis and the Taxmaggedon at the end of the year.  So, should we trash the fragile recovery for political gain?  That makes no sense economically or politically.
  5. The economic recovery is slower because we wouldn’t let our politicians be decisive.  They had a choice: deficit reduction or job creation.  Typically American, we chose both.  As a result, we got a wishy-washy recovery.  If there was more stimulus, jobless rates would be lower and the economy would be moving more.
  6. The President allowed the GOP to put him in a corner on Simpson-Bowles.  If the plan was in place, we would have an outline so businesses could at least plan for the future.  We don’t have any plan yet.

So, please stop the nonsense over whether the private sector is fine.  You bring it up, then you’re Inflamed and Not Informed.

Let’s talk about China and Europe instead.

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