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Stupid Old People: Solutions; and Why Sarah Palin Trumps 1970s

by John on 03/02/2013


(This is a script of a video presentation that should be up soon.)

I’ve come to this conclusion.  We have too many Stupid Old People.

And they are the problem in America.

But I have some solutions.

First, understand who these people are.

Take a look at the town hall meeting John McCain had to endure.

And then take a look at the live conference with Simpson and Bowles that was interrupted.

I know.  I know.  You’re saying not all of those angry people were old.

Well, as far as their ages go – you’re right. Some of them weren’t old chronologically.

But they were old in their thinking.

Remember, the old saying that age is a state of mind.

These people have a state of mind that is still in either the 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, or the 1990s.

(I skipped the 1970s because it was useless when it came to ideas.  Yeah right, you looked cool disco dancing in bell-bottom hip-huggers.)

Anyway, these old people are old because of their state of mind.

We need to get rid of them.

How?  Well, eventually Sarah Palin will be right.   (I don’t think I have ever said that before.)

But she could be right about the death panels in decades to come.

Remember the movie The Hunger Games.  Well, how about the Medicare Games.  We take two seniors and put them in a ring at senior centers and let them duke it out until someone dies – saving taxpayers.

(Make a note to my lawyer Ken Lakin to register the name Medicare Games and contact Mark Burnett.)

But, of course, I am not advocating that.

No, I say we handle stupid old people – now – by – and this is my first solution – by educating them.

This way they might be old, but they won’t be stupid.  And in today’s world removing stupid could remove the old age problem.

How?  We get them the facts.

They can scream all they want about keeping immigrants out or about not making cuts to entitlements – like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

But the math doesn’t add up.

Third Way – a think tank and a website I recommend you visit – has a report that spells it out nicely.

  • In 19-61, 14-cents out of every dollar spent went to entitlements.
  • Right now, it’s 47-cents out of every dollar.  That’s 3-to-4 times more.
  • In 20-30, it will be 61-cents out of every dollar.

(By the way, these figures are after government debt is paid.)

To fight this math is sheer lunacy.

We are aging at a rapid pace – that is causing these costs to skyrocket

Plus, we need new and younger workers – to help fund these obligations in the decades to come.

Granted, neither party is making any specific recommendations – to stop the financial crisis we face.

Blame them both.

But blame yourself too.

Most of the opinion polls say this.

  • We want to tax the wealthy more, but not my taxes.
  • And, we’re also saying, we want to cut spending, but not my spending.

As a result, we are becoming a backwards country.  We are no longer investing in our future – and our future growth — so these programs can be sustained.

We really need to be investing in

  • education to create new jobs in the new economy;
  • infrastructure for roads, bridges, airports, the electrical grid, and high speed internet;
  • and developing new energy sources to be ready when fossil fuels run out.

And we need to start cutting these entitlements.

Do we need to cut these programs immediately?

No, it’s not fair to current seniors.

Plus, they vote.  So, none of our elected leaders will mess with them.

And we need to always care for those who are handicapped and unable to help themselves.

But we need to start thinking how we’re going to cut spending – for the able-bodied — and put a long-term plan in place.  And we need to start now.

Here’s the other solution to Stupid Old People.

It’s called taking a stand.

We, as individuals, need to loudly say what we’re willing to give up.

So, let me offer mine.

  • First, as a late stage baby boomer, I will not take any entitlement until I am 70.
  • Second, I will not take any entitlement until I have actually quit work.

(I hope to work until I am 110 when a TV Producer – like Michael Horowicz or John Johnston — kills me for changing his script.)

  • Third, when I get Medicare, all I ask, Goddamnit, is don’t skimp on the laxatives.

(Sorry my alter ego is an old Jewish man from the Bronx.)

Bookmark this place.  I just stated more specifically what I would do — more than the President and 535 members of Congress have done.

Will these – and other solutions — cause problems and hardships?  Yes, of course.

And, yes some of us will make out better than others.

But that’s a problem where religion has fallen down.

I was always told as a good Catholic boy – judge yourself – not others.

Maybe these Stupid Old People need to go back to catechism.

Regardless, we have to cut spending to invest, so the country keeps moving ahead.

The chances of success are greater for more economic growth to pay for the entitlements – if we spur investment — rather than having to sit there and keep spending money on me as I am drooling my way through Welcome Back Kotter re-runs.

(I rest my case about the 70s.)

But wouldn’t you rather visit me in the senior center and we talk about cool things like:

  • My shoulder replacement has allowed me to throw a curve ball at a speed higher than my age;
  • Or I can watch my porn on a big screen TV that is powered by solar panels that also keep my room cool – and my pacemaker going;
  • Or my hair still hasn’t moved in a half century.

Our way of life is changing.  We need to start to taking control of these changes – by all of us sacrificing now.

Take a look at the Simpson Bowles Report and their latest changes.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a good framework.

Also, look at the Third Way report on the Economy.

And then give me what you will give up.

It will show that you are — Informed Not Inflamed.

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