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Scarborough Redeems Himself: O’Malley Question

by John on 01/21/2013

I just lampooned Joe Scarborough for his stupid question about Obama saying, “I did it.”

But kudos to Scarborough for going after Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley for not answering a simple question about Medicare and Medicaid.

Scarborough plainly asked if O’Malley, if he became president, would tell people that Medicare and Medicaid will cost more and give fewer benefits to beneficiaries.

O’Malley couldn’t.  He kept talking about creating efficiencies and reducing the cost of health care.

He was worried about being caught on tape saying he would cut benefits for retirees.  So, he said nothing.

Here’s the bottom line: Simpson-Bowles clearly points out that to get us into fiscal sanity Medicare and Medicaid need cuts in benefits or we will go bankrupt.

From my time in Baltimore, I have heard from a number of folks that a lot of money has been raised for an O’Malley run in 2016 for the White House.  Those investments don’t look as good right now.


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