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Rethinking Brian Williams and NBC from TV News Insider

by John on 02/12/2015

We’re talking about the fall-out from fake news on Informed Not Inflamed radio. Listen here.

Brian Williams is suspended for 6 months from NBC News and my old buddy Michael Horowicz has an insider’s take. He thinks Williams and NBC deserve blame. Clearly the age of Walter Cronkite is gone. See if you agree.

Michael is seen here with Vin Scully. So you know he knows what good broadcasting is. But don’t hold the fact against him that he is a Dodger fan.

Michael is a veteran of the media in both news and entertainment. Back in the 1990s he was the executive producer of The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder. He has been an executive producer or managing editor with various local news operations. He has worked on shows for networks ranging from Animal Planet, Food Network, to Al Jazeera. He was also the senior producer for show called — Real TV. Where he was a huge pain in the ass to the host of that show.

Michael is one of the funniest, snarkiest people I have ever met. He wears his New York upbringing loudly. We were at a deli in New York City once where the menu clearly stated that there would be no substitutions. He showed me and then said, “Watch this.” Then he ordered three different additions to his order as the similarly New York waitress went ballistic. Once she left, with his order, Horowicz just smiled.

You will hear that attitude here.

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