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Really! He Makes A Self-Deprecating Joke And You Find Fault

by John on 01/21/2013


After Obama takes the oath of office, he is accused by right-wingers including Joe Scarborough of saying, “I did it.”

The inference from these unthinking agitators was that Obama was talking about how great he is and how he, as a black man, did it again.  He won re-election.

In reality, Obama was joking with his daughter about not screwing up the oath of office.

If you remember, Obama had to do the first oath of office over again, because Chief Justice Roberts messed up.

Clearly, his daughters made fun of Obama for screwing up that first oath in 2009.  And you can clearly hear her say, “You didn’t screw up.”  And Obama said, “I did it.”

Yes, I would agree that I want Obama to use “we” more than “I”.

But this is where our media is short-sighted and creates more problems than solutions.  In fact, they try to create problems that they will then show us how to solve to keep themselves in business.

Remember, the media is all about keeping you occupied with entertainment so they can charge advertisers to make big money for their over-leveraged corporations.  It’s not about informing or educating you.

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