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Question Never Asked of Lance Armstrong — or Oprah

by John on 01/21/2013


I am trying to make a media inquiry with Discovery Networks about this.  I am trying to register with the site as we speak.  Any suggestions or connections to Discovery, pass them on to me here.  Stay tuned.

ORIGINAL POST: It’s clear that Lance Armstrong faces financial consequences for admitting doping.

But here’s the question no one has asked.

How much did Oprah pay Armstrong to do the confessional interview?

I can’t find anything on the web.  If you find something, please post it here.

But think about it.

Oprah’s network is failing.  Why not invest in a big event like getting Lance to come clean.  In return, Oprah takes care of Lance Armstrong financially.

I am not saying this has happened.

But we have to raise the question about check-book journalism or check-book reality TV.

If this has happened, then we are entering dangerous territory.  We create drama, trauma, even crimes — to create an advertising bonanza for the corporate media.

Is that what we want?

Give me your thoughts.

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