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OK Let’s Get Down To Business

by John on 11/08/2012

Everyone, the silly season is over. 

To Democrats who voted for Obama: take a day to celebrate; then get over it.  No need to gloat.  He won — but only by an approximate margin of 51-49%.  Remember who the real winners were: women and Hispanics; and they can easily run to Republicans if the GOP eliminates the Taliban wing of their party.  Also, brace yourself.  You won’t like what’s coming.

To Republicans who voted for Romney, take a day to feel sorry for yourself.  No need to get angry.  You have only yourself to blame for a political party with a core that is out of touch with the new economy and our changing demographics.  Plus, you kept quiet when loud mouths from your party, your blogosphere and your cable TV network said some of the most un-American things.  The result from not confronting to your louts:  They ignited a base of minorities and women to show up and vote against you and protest your Neanderthal ways. 

The power of the ballot is stronger than the blow-hards on Fox News.  More importantly, look at the calendar.  We’re in the 21st Century now; stop living like it is 1980 or 1950.  Our economy and our environment are happening today.  Oh, and you probably won’t like what’s coming either, but it won’t be as bad as you said.

To Mitt Romney: nice concession speech.  That speech saved you.  After you have recovered, you need to come forward and be part of the national debate again.  But instead, use that concession speech as a guideline to change the political system and the discourse.  You should denounce the lies and tactics you and your campaign used that were not in line with the faith you espouse.

To Members of Congress: Do something.  You can’t just go on vacation in DC.  Set an agenda of what needs to be done: deficit reduction; entitlement reform; tax overhaul; immigration; and energy policy reform.  Don’t leave until it is done.  This might help too.  Try keeping a work schedule similar to the schedule of your bosses – the people of the United States.  You might want to try something else: read a book of non-fiction.  Some of you sound like the dumbest people in the country when it comes to the economy.  And lastly, do you realize that we see most of you as nothing more than bribe takers?   Try working for us this session – not the special interests greasing your palm or promising you jobs in the future.

To the President: Nice job.  Politically, you and your staff are brilliant.  But remember, you beat a flawed candidate who couldn’t beat you because he’s with a party whose ideas would never win national approval and he’s someone without a belief system.   Still, he almost won.

Now, Mr. President, it is time to get down to business.  Here are some guidelines.

First, pass Simpson-Bowles.  Yes, you will have to deal with the lame duck session and the fiscal cliff.  Deal with it using a framework of the Simpson-Bowles plan.  Raise taxes on the wealthy.  The majority of us know they aren’t the job creators.  Start cutting some entitlement benefits while raising age requirements.  Seniors aren’t that stupid; they realize this is coming.  Clean up the tax code by eliminating deductions for individuals and corporations, but gradually phase out the deduction for home mortgage interest.

Second, do it now.  Do it before anyone realizes in Congress that they have to run in 2014. Start reaching out to Congressional leaders to prep the new Congress over Christmas.  It might be a nice touch to see everyone work during the holidays.  Most of us do.

Third, treat every issue with the respect and urgency you did with Hurricane Sandy.  Reach across the aisle now and use their ideas.  Wouldn’t be a bad idea to call each Governor and ask what he needs and what he thinks – before a crisis.

To all Americans: the election might be over, but the real work is about to start.  Get informed on what is going to be done by our leaders.  Because of our new and fragile economy, and the emerging nations who can compete with us for jobs, and the new technology that is changing how we work and live; the decisions by these leaders impacts us directly and more powerfully than it ever has before.

It’s all here on Informed Not Inflamed.

Tell me what you want from our leaders now.

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