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ObamaCare Solutions

by John on 03/15/2014

Dr Elaina GeorgeIf there is only one show you should ever listen to, it is this one.

This is my show with Dr. Elaina George.

Here are the websites she mentioned.  Use this guide as you’re listening.  This could save you hundreds of dollars a month on health care while cutting out insurance companies.  You need to do homework.  So talk to your doctor.

  • Urgent care centers staffed by board certified ER physicians that charge a flat fee for visits that include x-rays, blood work in addition to the consultation (eg., North Atlanta Urgent Care
  •  Surgery centers who list their prices such as the Surgery Center of Oklahoma (
  • Websites where you can bid for medical services (
  •  Doctors who barter and have a sliding fee scale (
  • Cost sharing organizations/ministries ( which are allowed under Obamacare guidelines. For example, Liberty health share will pay for 100% of health care costs (no eye or dental) after a $500 dollar deductible are met, for $199 dollars per month for an individual with a maximum coverage of 1 million dollar per occurrence per year. Unlike an insurance plan which has in network panels, resources are pooled and costs are shared so members can see any doctor or go to any hospital they want since the company pays for the medical services for a self pay negotiated rate.
  • Supplemental plans offered by as AFLAC actually pay patients after they have medical services such as surgical procedures or treatment for cancer.
  • A website which is a one stop shop for information for those who want to explore the free market medical system (
  • A family practice physician in Florida who specializes in patient centered care that offers free market based cost effective quality healthcare. .



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