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NOWtv For the New Age Start-up Company

by John on 01/14/2016

Lots of folks keep asking, “So what exactly is NOWtv?”

Well, let me give you the whole story right here.  There are plenty of videos and links to peruse here.  Feel free to click, watch, and move onto the next one.

NOWtv is a content creation company providing online marketing materials for companies – especially cutting edge start-ups.

Depending on the client’s needs, marketing goals, and audience, we produce: videos; audio content; on-camera and on-air spokesperson; and media training for anyone representing you in the old or new media.

You can contact us at

Let’s examine some of the content.


You need video.  Nearly all research shows if you are going to reach an audience online or on mobile, you will need video — and lots of it.  We do it efficiently and with costs in mind.

This sizzle video is highly produced to show off a new cutting edge technology that allows you and your doctor to have immediate and secure sessions that are affordable and without insurance company intervention.

Here is another sizzle to get people interested in a new age of concierge medicine for the masses.

This is a sizzle video gets people to get a first-time understanding medical cost sharing, an alternative to the high cost of health insurance.  The company grew membership 6-fold in 2015.

Here’s another sizzle for a start-up’s website to show off a new reading incentive program for students.

This sizzle video showed the business opportunity of a new company about to launch.

Once someone has become a customer or a member of your company, you need to educate, inform, and possibly train them.

Here is an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) video.  This is 1 in a series of 20 videos.

Online training for your employees or members is crucial to make sure your company is compliant with laws and regulations while also making your marketing message clear.

You also need marketing for special sales events.  Here is a video I fronted for a holiday promotion for a client.

Then you need what we call Success Videos to show how well your customers and members are doing.  Here’s a powerful story of a young family surviving a medical scare thanks to one of our clients – Liberty Health Share.

You might want to create your own branded TV show online.  Here’s one we created for a new online travel club.

We can even create a video series by shooting, editing, and delivering the entire video on an iPhone.  I created my own golf show to help promote charity golf events:

And some client golf courses:

The iPhone video does a number of key things: first, it saves you tons of money in production costs; second, you can deliver a video in a matter of minutes to social media.


We also create radio shows/podcasts for companies.

Here is an example of a radio show series that airs throughout the country on radio stations.  These are shows branded for Liberty Health Share.


And we create other audio formats that get the message out to other audiences.

Audio doesn’t work for all companies.  But if you have an audience that listens on smart phones or in their car, this works great.  It also gives the audience a chance to sit and hear what you’re really like on a more personal level.

It also allows you to take the time to deliver more complicated information like this financial firm did in an interview with me.

Again, we can host a show for your company so it has a third party feel.  Because we come from a news background, we ask tough questions so it doesn’t look like public relations puffery.

And we can create any type of show.  Here is one we did for ourselves about the wine industry.


We can offer you spokesperson and hosting services as well.  Here is more information on our backgrounds in news and entertainment that allows us to deliver your message efficiently and with results.


In addition, we can prepare your employees and members to be on-camera whether it is for a video or audio project or if anyone is going to be interviewed by the media.  We have proven methods to make sure your message gets out correctly no matter the media outlet.




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