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North Korea: Iran’s Beard

by John on 04/06/2013


Maybe there is a good reason for North Korea’s silly “war talk”.  But it has little to do with the Korean peninsula and more about the Middle East and Africa.

It looks like another chapter in that unholy nuclear alliance between the Fat-Boy leader Kim Jong Un and the Fascist followers of the Ayatollah.

Let me lay out the case here, but I need your verdict.

This revelation all started when Facebook buddy Tim Chedester wrote this on my page.

I think (North Korea is) studying how we are mobilizing, and what we bring to the table. Someone else has a greater interest in that then them.  Iran, China?

Tim may have nailed it.  After all, there is no indication that North Korea has nukes that can be launched.

Not long after Tim’s post, an overseas source then sent me this story from the French news agency, French 24.

While it remains unclear how serious is the North Korean threat of war – including how far its missiles are capable of travelling – the example now being set by Pyongyang is spurring Tehran to persevere with its own nuclear programme.

It’s no secret that Iran and North Korea have been sharing nuclear information – most of it given to them by Pakistan’s nuke scientist A.Q. Khan.  In fact, as the French story recounts, portions of a rocket North Korea launched in 2010 had similar traits to Iran’s missile designs.

Let’s take this idea of North Korea as Iran’s beard a little further – with another story that appeared today.

Nuclear talks between Iran and six nations – including the U.S. – reached an impasse this afternoon.  Iran has said they are willing to stop uranium enrichment to have economic sanctions lifted.  But as the Washington Post reports:

Western diplomats, after a break in the talks, said the Iranians put forward only a vague proposal that reflected little change from previous positions.

Coincidence?  Maybe.  But could the Islamic Republic of Iran all of a sudden have gotten enough information about U.S. troop and air movements and how the Obama Administration will handle a rogue state with nuclear weapons?

A couple of things to remember here:

  1. The Islamic Republic of Iran only negotiates when it has to.
  2. Negotiations for Iran are really stall tactics.
  3. They give-in on demands or compromise only when they are faced with dire consequences.
  4. This government of mullahs and terrorists like the Islamic Revolutionary Guard believe in the literal teachings of the Koran that says if you’re not part of Shia Islam then you are an infidel, and you can lie and deceive an infidel without penalty from Allah.

An Informed Not Inflamed caution: don’t paint all Muslims that way; not all are literalists; the majority of Muslims only want to live peaceful lives.  The above portrayal is strictly about the Fascist government that took over Iran in 1979.

There is an interesting book on the Islamic Republic of Iran.  It’s called The Persian Night: Iran under the Khomeinist Revolution by Amir Taheri.

Taheri writes about his former homeland with great disdain and hatred for the current Fascist regime.  He has also had his share of controversy with facts on some stories.  So, read him with the Informed Not Inflamed filters.  As I read the book, his anger, at times, was overriding his research.

Still, it’s hard to disagree with a lot of his findings about this regime that clearly is devoid of ideas and without any system of government to help the people of Iran.

  • Iran wants to rule the world based on a 7th Century reading of the Koran based on Shia principles.  To reach those goals, the leaders of the Islamic Republic let everyone know this only one true enemy keeping them from reaching their whacky-religious goals — America.
  • And Iran would love nothing better than to have the U.S. engaged in other parts of the world.
  • And Iran is willing to make partnerships with other countries that are also against the U.S.  Enter Russia, China, and North Korea – three countries that want the U.S. occupied militarily and economically.
  • What’s amazing is that these three countries are just as much infidels as Americans.  And Iran, like China, wants a foothold in resources-rich Africa.  If Taheri and others are right, China could be friending a serpent that will eventually turn and inflict a fatal bite.

Here’s another point that might be leading the Islamic Republic of Iran to dabble in the Korean peninsula for its anti-American fix.

Iran, it seems, is up to its neck in Syria.  Taheri, in a recent column in the New York Post, wrote this:

“Supreme Guide” Ali Khamenei has vowed to prevent Assad’s fall. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on the other hand, has tried to distance Iran from Assad in the hope of preventing the emergence of a new anti-Iran bloc led by Turkey and Egypt backed by Saudi Arabia.

Maybe Ahmadinejad is winning the argument: let’s fall back on Syria and rattle things in North Korea.

Still, there’s another theory.  Time magazine has a good piece that says Kim Jong Un may see himself at the next Gadhaffi or Saddam.  He thinks, and maybe rightly so, you give up your nukes, you get executed.

What do you think?

If I am a prosecutor here I might have a tough time convincing a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.  I am piecing together some circumstantial evidence along with a slightly flawed witness with an axe to grind against the accused.

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