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So You Ask: What’s Happening Here…With Me? Fasten Your Seat Belts.

by John on 04/27/2012

Yikes, I am getting a lot of questions. 

What’s with the new website, Dude?

 Moving to North Carolina?

 Hey Irish, WTF is up with you?

I can’t come clean entirely — yet.  But here’s what I can say.

I am working with two different entrepreneurs on two very cool start-ups that are apparently (key word) close to funding.  If you want more info on these projects, email me at

Those two start-ups fit into Informed-Not-Inflamed which is now the passion of my work.  I analyze the news and the media bias to help you find the truth and reality of what is happening with your work, your family, and your wealth.  That gets my juices flowing.

But this service is also needed more than ever.  There’s too much info that is really distortion and tough to decipher.  And that information takes up way too much of your time.  And since this is an election year, the political media bias will be flowing like the champagne and tears at the NFL Draft.

Here’s what it will probably look like.  I will combine my news analysis with my other passion – being on camera – to create short (3-minute) daily (no pun intended) briefings for you.  I’ll hit the hot topics in politics and business and give you direction on different perspectives.  You will get links and sites to pursue on your time.  This way, it’s on your time with no cable news slant.

Jay Rosen, a professor of journalism at NYU, said at a recent forum that a journalist can better serve a reader/audience by not wasting their time.  As an on-camera worker, I have always found the less you’re on-camera, the more they love you.

In addition, those videos will have snippets of longer, in-depth interviews I will conduct with experts.  Those interviews can be seen in their entirety or in videos edited based on theme and topic.  Again, you will choose what you want.

The experts will be experts; I promise.  And they won’t be political extremists.  I will get you cutting-edge stuff that the regular media is not talking about.  If Snookie or Lindsay Lohan are my guests, then you can take away my credible journalist card.

You will also get instruction from me on how to cut through the garbage of the media and the new media.  And I will expect participation from you.  You can start by saving all those emails – Weapons of Mass Distortion – and either sending them to me or explaining why they are so destructive. 

It will be as close as one-stop shopping for news as we can get.

What’s also so exciting is that the masses are continuing to be involved in the news media.  I want to be of assistance to those citizen journalists – with education and the easier-to-use and cheaper-to-buy tools.  They will be available here for people all around the world.  Think of the new capitalists and journalists that have yet to sprout in places like Africa, Asia, and Central and South America — and hopefully places like Apalachia too.

This site will also be an outlet for advertisers and sponsors.  The 30-second spot and the billboard ad are no longer effective.  What we’ll be doing is creating 3-minute videos for companies that will appear on their websites, in their email marketing, and wherever their customers and employees deploy them.

The research continues to recognize that video will drive search engines and commerce dramatically starting this year.  One report just released says professional video instruction along with social video testimonials is the most effective.  That’s the target.

My passion is analyzing news, information, and technology, then getting in front of the camera and making it all easy to understand.  What makes it so cool is that the world is changing in front of our eyes thanks to the exponential growth of technology in all fields.  Sure, it’s daunting and unsettling, but it is also fascinating.  I want to take you on that journey.

My other passion is golf.  I unconsciously work on my grip when I am not writing or analyzing the world.  My soul needs golf.  Luckily, my wife Teri’s family lives down there and we have spent so much time there over the years, it feels like home.  So, we’re heading south soon.

We’ll also be heading around the world.  That’s because the next passion is travel and travel journalism.  Have camera will travel.  You will be seeing videos from different parts of the world.  As I wrote about in my book, traveling is one of the best cures for media bias.  Once you walk in someone’s town, sleep in their house, eat their food, and work with them, you don’t understand what’s inside them.  It all fits. 

Some of you have asked about whether I would anchor the news again.  The answer is of course.  And that fits too.

Being a news anchor is the greatest gig anyone could have.  The problem is that the news anchor, as we knew it in the 1990s, is disappearing.  Too many TV news outlets today resemble the Politburo just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

You are actually becoming your own news anchor by using the internet and your smart phone.  The news anchor of the future is really a curator/publisher/emcee of news – working with the audience rather than pontificating to them.  A local news station is in a better position to do this, in my opinion.  So, if I could find the right local news station that is looking forward to the new news model, then count me in.

Otherwise, we’re building a place you can hang right here.

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