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Media Future Is Here

by John on 03/13/2013


Watch this very cool and informative video.  It’s done by the Associated Press.

My take aways:

  1. This confirms all of what I am saying here on this site.  You are the most important journalist – or in this case, the most important broadcaster in your own life.  This is also the foundation for the business model I am following – helping you create video content for you and your company.
  2. This shows how the rest of the world is over-taking us in the number of people who are communicating and working online.  Notice the numbers about China, South Korea, and Indonesia.  Notice that the sports such as international football (soccer) beat MLB and NFL in numbers and popularity.
  3. The mainstream media is catching on.  I would say they stifled innovation here in the US, so they could catch up.  The amount of people watching traditional TV while also watching a computer or smart phone is astounding.  (I know I am just as responsible by live blogging during Super Bowl, Oscars, and elections.  I plead guilty gladly.)
  4. Sports are going to be even bigger in bringing people together.  The Olympics, baseball, and soccer are speaking international language.  Don’t be surprised if we see more soccer fans from here.
  5. I think we’re only a short step away from figuring out how to monetize advertising and sponsorships online and on smart phones. 

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