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Media Corrupt?  Not Really

by John on 01/19/2017

media corruptScreaming about the corrupt media shows off the silly bias of the screamer.

Ignore these folks.

Here’s reality: the media is just another business sector trying to make money.

Lumping all media companies together is also silly bloviating.

Look at the media like you do any for-profit business working in a competitive market.

Their bias is money.  Like any modern company they find out what their customers (the audience) wants.  And most of the audience wants to be entertained.

And let’s face it, television works well as an entertainment medium; not an information medium.

As a result, most media outlets give us a sports and entertainment bias.  Each story has an antagonist and a protagonist.  One team against another team.  It is basic story structure that allows us to understand easier.

But unfortunately, issues like foreign policy, trade, and US military involvement are not black and white issues.

So, that corruption is really a business structure forcing media companies to cater to profits first and journalism second.

In addition, the media consists of companies that are technologically advanced to reach their audiences and to know what their audiences want.

So, it only makes economic sense that they target their specific audiences with messages that are geared to make their audiences feel good – and entertained.  So they stick around for ratings and advertisers.

There is enough research shows that the majority of Americans look for information that agrees with their core beliefs.  And they will negate information that doesn’t agree with them.

Thus, you get certain parts of the public calling the media corrupt when they really mean a specific media outlet they disagree with.

If anything the media let’s us keep our biases.


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