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Romney Bullying II

by John on 05/10/2012

Turn off the cable news. 

Politics Nation with Al Sharpton is ridiculous.  The Reverend’s guests are just hammering Romney for the alleged bullying story when he was in prep school.

What, is this their rebuttal to the Fox News antics about Obama’s birth certificate?

Sharpton and his guests quote from the Washington Post story and then they play amateur psychologist as they play clips of his interviews on Fox News today as he answers the accusations.

Some analysis:

  • The alleged victim died a number of years ago.  So the story cannot be corroborated.
  • This happened when Romney was in prep school.  I could fill up a whole show for Sharpton on the stupid, unthinking things I did to classmates while I was in high school and college.
  • There is no correlation to that incident and Romney’s character or personality.

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