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George Soros: Boogey Man

by John on 04/28/2012

What is with the George Soros stuff?

I am not going to waste much time on this here.  But I have gotten a number of emails – as we call them here Weapons of Mass Distortion — about Soros that are comical.

I won’t post them, because they appear to be nonsense.

The latest one says Soros owns  Snopes gave me this boiler plate answer.

Q: Are you funded by George Soros?  A: No, we are completely independent and self-supporting; we receive no funding in any form from any person, group, agency, or organization. And we wouldn’t recognize George Soros if we sat next to him on a bus.

Do you think Soros rides the bus?  Anyway, when I hit Reply All to answer one of these Weapons of Mass Distortion, I got an earful back. 

Wow!  Do YOU have proof that (Snopes) is not (owned by Soros)?  Why is it that when liberals don’t agree with something, they usually resort to name-calling???

So now, I am a liberal.  I have some tree-hugger friends who would disagree with that.

Anyway, here’s the gist of the Soros comedy.

  • I have no concrete proof that Soros doesn’t own Snopes.  But there is plenty of material online to say he apparently (not) also owns and – two fact-checking sites.  Commons sense tells us that the creators of these Weapons of Mass Distortion don’t like what the fact-checking sites have said about their right-wing causes and ideas.  For the record, these fact-checkers nail both Republicans and Democrats.
  • There is more than enough material on Soros, accusing him of being anti-Semitic, with a number of Jewish groups denying it and siding with Soros.
  • Most of the crap is coming from Glenn Beck and current Fox News Channel yakkers.  No need to say any more.  Easy, FNC lovers, I say similar stuff about MSNBC too.

However, if you have a theory on why Soros is such a target, let me know.

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