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Manti Te’o: My Take

by John on 01/21/2013

I think Manti Te’o is telling the truth.

We should know more soon.  He will be talking as will his alleged hoaxster.

Here’s why I think he is not lying.  Granted, I could be wrong.

First, kids of his age communicate through texting, email, and social media.

Second, he is a religious kid and he might fall in love through someone’s words — and not just being with them physically.

Third, he is a college football player whose schedule and commitment to his career — and hopefully his classes — could make it impossible for him to meet the imaginary woman.

Fourth, he could be idealistic.  I know plenty of people my age who fall in love with love.

Why is all this important?

In the large scheme of things, it is not.

But there are some things we should think about.

First, the sports media lacks the ability to investigate anything.  They are there for the sports teams as their promotion and marketing wings.  Not only have they missed the story, but now they’re capitalizing on it.

Second, the new social media and our new communications technology are democratic but it are also dangerous in the wrong hands.


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