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Mali and Media Bias

by John on 03/07/2013

This is our fourth podcast — and final one for now — on Mali with our expert Wayne.

Hear it all right here.

We have another podcast with Wayne – our expert – on the African country of Mali.

He’s already showed us the strategic relevance of Mali to the US and the west.  He says US troops need to be there but not in a massive boots on the ground operation.  In fact, he laid out for us what the new unconventional warfare may look like – in this budget crisis age.

In this one – the last one for now – we discuss what you need to look for in the media.

Notice he gives you some of the things I have been preaching about. Watch various news channels and get online and make sure to hear what other countries – especially China and Russia – are saying about stories and how that might differ from what you are hearing from the American media.

Granted, Wayne follows a lot of my method of information gathering that I talk about here on the site.  Still, you may disagree with what he has said here.  Let me know.

There is one big take-away I want to dwell on – before we close here.  We Americans fail to see what is happening outside of our borders way too much.

We missed 9/11 because the majority of the news media felt those Arabic names of guys like Osama bin Laden would be too confusing to the average American news viewer.

We also missed what is happening in the changing world economy.  All of a sudden China is an economic super power.  What’s strange is that China had a 30 year plan.

We also failed to see what an attraction our society and way of life is to the rest of the world.  Or I should say, we failed to realize that the rest of the world could emulate us.  And they have – with lower wages for their workers – who are, in some cases more educated than us now – and our stealing our jobs.

Yes, I know this is changing – and moving back in our direction.

But what is the next trend from the other side of the world – we should be looking at – and paying attention to?

One of them is the battle for natural resources.  China needs them to keep their economy going and billions of people happy.   Africa has many of those resources that are still untouched.  We need to be aware of that.

We can talk all we want about the Chinese being Communists and we’re the flag-waving bastion for free markets.  But that matters little when one country controls the resources that feed us, make us warm, and keep the lights on at night.

Start paying attention outside our borders.

That’s how you become Informed Not Inflamed.

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