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Live Blogging Election Night

by John on 10/29/2014

This is an invite to be a participant and not a spectator on Election Night.

I will be live blogging election night on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

I will be watching all of the critical races in the Senate and the House. I will probably get more information on the North Carolina Senate race. So I need your input on other races near you.

We will also delve into the Governor races and even the Mayor’s race in Providence. We will hit the referendums – especially on minimum wage in red states.

For those of you who have not done this, here are some tips:

  • First, use your Twitter feed. Start following reporters and political reporters in your area whether from newspaper, television, radio, or a good local political blog. These people will be on the scene getting returns sometimes faster than most of the major news outlets. Another person to follow is the assignment manager of the local TV station. This person usually hears rumors or hints of stories ahead of time. And they will put it out on social media to try to get sources or confirmation of stories. This allows you to have a heads up even before the stories are confirmed. Also, follow someone who is in the campaign of each candidate. Sometimes, they get info sooner.
  • Second, choose the television news cast that you will watch. And when you are posting, let me know which one you were watching. It could be local or national. This way at least we’ll know the source of information. There will be so much information flying around and different news organizations will get different legs of stories.
  • Third, throw in your opinions. I’d love to hear the response. Love snark too.
  • Fourth, be short. Don’t blather on. I will try to do the same.

See you on Tuesday night.

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