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Liberty HealthShare Another Disrupter

by John on 08/11/2015

My prediction: Liberty HealthShare is about to disrupt healthcare like Amazon, Airbnb, Google, and Uber has done in its industries.

Granted, this is from my vantage point since I am a member and also my company produces video content and spokesperson services for them.

But hear me out.

Liberty HealthShare owns no hospitals or insurance companies and yet it is delivering a lower cost of healthcare while offering healthier alternatives without government or corporate interventions.

Liberty HealthShare offers medical cost sharing: a community of like-minded people come together and agree to share each other’s medical bills. This is allowable under the Affordable Care Act.

The economic situations are right.

Health insurance costs are beginning to soar.

  • One reason is that more people are using more healthcare thanks to Obamacare.
  • Another reason is that health insurance companies are consolidating to allegedly save costs, but, in reality, these mergers are lowering supply of health insurance companies as demand increases, thus raising prices.

Look at requests for rate increases health insurance companies are asking for in 2016. The results are impacting individuals and families. Medical self-sufficiency expert, Bert McComas, says that for some people insurance premiums have gone up ten-fold and overall healthcare costs for families take about 25% of the monthly take-home pay.

People will turn to other alternatives.

I have shown you before how that translated into cost savings for me. My insurance premiums for my wife and me were $800 a month; with Liberty HealthShare, my monthly share amount is $350. With my insurance policy, my yearly deductible was $6,500; with Liberty HealthShare, my Unshared Amount (upfront out of pocket expense) is now $1,500 a year.  If we had a medical incident, we would save an additional $5,000 in upfront costs. That’s $10,000 in savings.

How can this happen?

First, health insurance takes a cut of your premium for their costs and, if the company is a for-profit, for shareholders. Insurance companies are middlemen. They get paid for doing all the work for you. But that cost is usually between 25-30%. Liberty HealthShare takes a 12% administrative fee; the rest goes directly to other members’ medical bills.

Second, as a member of Liberty HealthShare you are not an insurance customer. Instead, you are a self-pay patient. This allows you to negotiate healthcare costs with hospitals and doctors which is usually much lower than what an insurance customer would pay. But with Liberty HealthShare, you have a repricing system that uses a formula that falls between insurance company costs and way above Medicare costs. Watch this video to see how cost savings and repricing work. Once you see this, you realize you have more say in your healthcare; not your insurance company or the government.

Third, Liberty HealthShare is high tech and high touch. There is a computer algorithm that allows members to easily send in their monthly share amount that is then digitally and seamlessly delivered to the Share Box of another member with medical bills and those bills are then paid. Despite electronic delivery, Liberty HealthShare provides a phone center with live people who can answer questions. And all those people are – you guessed it – members of Liberty HealthShare too.  Email me at

The only problem you may have is opting out of health insurance. But you stopped taking taxis, right? You no longer go to the library to get research. And when you don’t want to go to the store, you just shop online from your home. And when you travel, you don’t just opt out for that hotel room.

Wake up. Healthcare for the 21st Century is right in front of you.

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