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Lexington, KY: Golf and Wine

by John on 06/18/2014

So I mentioned how I love Lexington because of Doug The Glue Flynn and his celebrity golf event for Children’s Charity of the Bluegrass.

Another reason I love Lexington is the wine entrepreneurship in Lexington.

My business partner Susan Anzalone and I were amazed at the wineries in the Lexington area. We were more amazed about their wines as you can see in this video report we produced. (Yes, I am a bit goofy.)

We realized a couple of things as we explored Kentucky wines.

First, the soil that once grew tobacco was perfect for grapes. In fact, you can get a taste of the tobacco in some of the wines. Others will argue that is just your imagination. But if you believe in the concept of terroir where the specific soil in a region offers a different and distinct taste to a wine then a discriminating palette will pick up something, imagination or not.

Second, because Kentucky is steeped in Bourbon and the great oak barrels that produce corn in a bottle as it should be, those oak barrels offer more terroir that makes Kentucky wines that distinctive.

Third, the Kentucky climate is similar to northern France. So, it is perfect grape growing weather. If you believe in the results of global warming this should create a long bounty for the Bluegrass.

Fourth, we found some great entrepreneurs who created these wineries from scratch once tobacco fell out of favor in the 1980s and 1990s.

Here are some other reports on the vineyards. Equus Run, Jean Farris, and Grimes Mill.





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