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Latin America below the Surface

by John on 04/27/2016

Here is an insightful commentary about Latin America from Richard Haass.

To digress. Here is a review of Richard’s book I wrote. Needless to say, I am a big Richard Haass fan. After all, if you read my review, you will realize I played golf with him but never met him.

Granted, the continent and countries to the south are having problems now — but there is progress that most of the media don’t pick up.

And we here in the US need South America and Central America to thrive.

Here’s why:

  • That region will become the new China as far as manufacturing.
  • Countries like Brazil will become our bread basket for agriculture.
  • South America is loaded with natural resources barely tapped.

(Another digression: A selfish reason based on our Undercover Jetsetter show is that Chile and Argentina have some great wines. And if you travel there the costs are very cheap.)

That is a good thing.

It is also a good thing about the US rapprochement with Cuba. And I am not talking just about Cuba rum and baseball. The Obama outreach to Havana had little to do with Cuba itself and more about Latin America.

Presidential candidates like Marco Rubio have proven themselves lacking in forward thinking, downplaying Obama’s visit saying it wouldn’t have any impact. Future decades will prove the Havana move a good one, I think.

There is an opening for the US south of our border that should benefit us for decades to come.


Anyone been down there to visit or to enjoy the wines?




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