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Latest Observations on New Trump-Russia Story

by John on 07/11/2017

trumpjr1(This has been updated at 1:56 PM Eastern)

As usual, CNN and MSNBC are featuring the story  while FOXNews is featuring Donald Trump Junior’s denials.

But the latest revelation about the emails Donald Jr. received seem far more explosive.  But, as horrible as this looks, we need to hold judgement.  We may all be getting played by Vlad.

Some initial observations and lots of questions:

First, look at this interview with the Russian lawyer just conducted by NBC News.  She contradicts Donald Jr.  She said they were eager for information to smear Hillary.  Is she telling the truth?  Is he?  Don’t take the bait.

Trump supporters and Trump detractors concentrate more on who allegedly told the truth and who didn’t.  It misses the point.  Russia isn’t siding with or against Trump.  Russia is against the United States. Their goal is to create chaos within the United States.  Sure, the Russia government may have worked to get Trump elected.  But once he was elected, they are working hard to make his administration non-functional.

Here’s my hunch.  If Hillary had won, we would be seeing the same confusion and distortion coming from Russia.  They would have fed the Trump campaign enough information to question if Hillary stole the election.  Again, my conjecture.  If you read enough, like Peter Zeihan’s book, Accidental Superpower, who believes Russia is headed to the dustbin of history due to the lack of resources and an aging society, you see a nation willing to do anything to stay alive and relevant along with a dictator reaping the profits.

Second, so far, there is no concrete evidence of Trump campaign collusion.  However, this Donald Trump Jr. story looks dangerously close.  Still you can’t call it either way. Let Mueller’s team decide.

Third, Democrats think the Trump campaign willfully colluded with the Russian government.  This new revelation might be the clincher.  Even though, Donald Jr. will use the defense that he was not officially a part of the campaign.

russian lawyer natalia_nbcnewsFourth, what seems clear, though, the Trump campaign was clearly amateurish.  They never expected to win so they never invested heavily in a professional campaign.  They had little experience in the pitfalls of running for the White House.  Innocent?  Maybe.  Naive?  Yes.  Contributing to a campaign is totally different from running one.  Doing deals in a foreign country is not the same as running a foreign policy.  As a result, the Trump campaign team looks, at best, like dupes for Putin.

Fifth, another oddity: did the New York Times get this inside information on Donald Trump Jr. from White House sources?

Six, does that mean there is no criminal activity here?  Again, we don’t know.  But if history of Special Counsels are any indication, the Trump White House better hope ignorance is a viable defense.

Bottom line is Putin has what he wants: Congress does nothing; the seeds of future economic disaster remain; our usual foreign alliances are deeper in question; we seem more vulnerable to cyber attacks; and healthcare policy meanders and millions of Americans are on edge.

My hope: let Mueller do his job; and let’s get back to solving the problems of the American people.  I know.  That seems way too difficult when drama is so compelling.

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