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Join Me in Helping The Memory of An American Hero: Giles Pace

by John on 10/13/2015


I need your help for a friend who I can now reveal as a great American.

I am helping launch a Go Fund Me campaign for the widow of my good, and late friend Giles Pace. This is a photo of Giles and Margaret.

You can view the campaign and donate here.

Giles Wayne Pace was a member of the 1st, 5th and 7th Special Forces Groups in Viet Nam. He enlisted in the Army on his 17th birthday, 1961. During his service he volunteered for two tours in Viet Nam and earned numerous medals including two Bronze Stars with V device for valor and one Purple Heart. Though he was medically discharged, Giles continued to serve his country in many other ways throughout the years including his last efforts which were working in support of the US Embassy in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. There he was tasked with everything from the gruesome job of creating the initial makeshift morgue on the Embassy grounds to refurbishing housing for displaced Embassy personnel. This is a photo of Giles with a soldier from the African Union.

Giles was a great source of information and background intelligence on world matters for me since the 1990s when I was a news anchor all the way until now as a blogger and analyst of world events. Giles was like an open book to me as long as I kept his identity secret which I have done until now.

Giles fought tyranny and oppression around the world. However, he was diagnosed in early 2013 with lung, lymph, liver and bone cancer which were attributed to Agent Orange. He had been experiencing very encouraging results for over two years but then in July of this year it was discovered that the cancer had metastasized to his brain and spine and although he underwent aggressive radiation treatment, 8 short weeks later Giles lost his last battle to cancer in September.

Although some would call him a soldier of fortune, Giles never liked the term because it made no sense; he often received little or no payment for his work and fortune was not his motivation. That selflessness and his untimely death have created a hardship on his wife Margaret as Giles was their only source of income and she is now in a serious financial situation. She is in need of support to not only help pay funeral and legal expenses, but also property taxes which are due and to survive the usual heating costs for this time of year as well as managing to pay for the day to day until she can gain employment to get on her feet. She also hopes to be able to finish the home Giles and she had worked so hard on. You can see the photos here of his amazing work.

Notice the before and after of Giles’ work.

Margaret is utterly devastated at having lost what she calls “the greatest part of her.”

She and Giles had been together over 25 years and spent every possible moment together and she is in agony over losing the love of her life. Please help her to at least financially get through this devastating time, retain the work of love he created for her and hopefully finish the work he started as a tribute to him in return.

Here and on my various social media sites I will chronicle what Giles meant to me as a friend and also an undercover news source over the years. You will understand how he used his Green Beret training to bring peace and stability in various parts of the world.  I will also reveal how clairvoyant and prescient Giles was about world events.

I was lucky to have a friend who brought me to the front lines of many issues and stories that shape the world and our foreign-policy. I am also grateful to have had his friendship, his sense of humor, and his caring about me as a journalist and an analyst always searching for the truth. It was his mission too. But he wanted that truth to be used to make our country a more informed democracy while trying to reduce pain and hardship for the world as well. I hope you will join me in this effort to keep Giles’ spirit alive.

I will have more posts coming up here about Giles, his escapades and his insights into the world and the military hotspots he was a part of.

The Go Fund Me site is here.


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