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John Nichols Offers Tips for Informed Not Inflamed

by John on 04/06/2013

John Nichols was kind enough to do an interview with me for Informed Not Inflamed.  And he didn’t disappoint.

Nichols is a journalist, author, and political blogger.  Among the many publications he writes for, he is best known as the Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine.

He has written a number of books with Robert McChesney on the damaging effects of media consolidation.

They were also guest speakers at the National Conference on Media Reform that I am attending.  The title of their session was From Billionaires to Big Media: Democracy Up for Grabs.

They discussed the corporate culture in the media that really has only five companies controlling the news media and how it has hurt us as a nation – and how it could threaten us if the Internet is controlled by these corporate giants.

Although Nichols puts a lot of blame on our lawmakers and the corporate executives of the media companies, I asked him in this interview if it might be the public that really doesn’t want good journalism.

Nichols also offers you his best tip on staying informed.  You will recognize his answer if you follow me here.  I promise I didn’t prompt him.  Listen to his story about the immigrant from Eastern Europe who became informed on American politics by reading seven newspapers.  I only force you to read four.

And Nichols, a liberal, admits to reading conservative publications — something I suggest here.

And no, I didn’t pay him for the cool endorsement of Informed Not Inflamed at the end of the interview.

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