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It’s The Money, Stupid

by John on 12/19/2012

So now Joe Manchin is walking back what he said about assault weapons.

John Boehner walks away from negotiations on the fiscal cliff.


It’s the money.

There is no other reason for these lawmakers change their minds and reverse what they had said previously?

This is all about catering to the special interests that pay these lawmakers.

Granted, the Democrats have special interests too.  Unions are fighting to keep Social Security and Medicare untouched.  But that is chump change compared to the corporate money and gun-owner money that is controlling our laws and agendas.

And will the media mention this?  No.  Why?  They get that money too.  Plus the corporate media — the ones who allegedly give us the unvarnished truth — have massive lobbying and campaign donation funds.  Those dollars could now lead to a consolidation in the media world.

In other countries, this is described by two other terms: bribery and corruption.

WalMart gets slapped in Mexico, but not here?

Get the money out of politics.

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