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IRS Controversy: Be Careful. It’s a Trap

by John on 05/14/2013


Mark Twain said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

Notice all the Democrats and Republicans on the same side of the IRS controversy now.

Twain says to “pause and reflect.”  I say beware of the trap.  We’re being set-up again by the political parties.

The IRS controversy is a smoke screen.  This is another gimmick to allow the unfettered, hidden donors to political parties through so-called charitable organizations.  And it is another way to ruin the nation financially.

Sure, the IRS targeting Tea Party groups is wrong.

But let’s put this into context.

Wasn’t it wrong when the Bush Administration went after liberal groups?   Of course, it was.  Bush went after a number of liberal groups.  But there was no call for impeachment or Watergate style hearings.  Why?  The GOP controlled both houses of Congress at the time.

And wasn’t the IRS doing their job investigating these groups who were taking tax-exempt status for alleged political reasons?  Yes and the instructions for these audits were laid out by Congress.

Again, I am not defending the IRS.  We need to see what they really did and if there was unethical or politically motivated targeting, then let the punishment fit the crime.

But don’t forget what the typical media-driven, political party instigation reaction will be – and who it benefits.

There will be very little scrutiny of these political action committees.

Anyone who is audited will yell “political witch hunt.”

Who benefits?

The corporate media is one of the biggest winners.  First, they get to show how they’re safeguarding American politics from the powers that be. But secondly, and ironically, they protect their revenue streams.  Many of those untaxed dollars that are raised by these political action committees pay for political ads.

The special interests win big.  Now they won’t be scrutinized for their activity which is really corporate bribery of our government.

Who loses?

Taxpayers are forgotten again.  This means more tax-exempt donations that won’t be going into the government’s coffers to pay for government.  Where are all the fiscal conservatives on this one?

Federal employees get another black mark thanks to either a few bad employees or the horrible political fundraising laws created by Congress.  And it gives small government proponents more ammunition to say that government is no good.  The reality is if you keep saying something then it will come true.  Pretty soon, federal workers will have to hide themselves in shame for being public servants.

Remember the old Temptations song, Smiling Faces.

Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within

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