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Internet Gaining More Eyeballs

by John on 06/02/2015

It’s a wave that isn’t changing. More people are going to the Internet rather than traditional media.

Here is the latest stats and graphic from Statista.

Look at the growth in internet use compared to the drop off in TV and print media.


Mobile is the big reason. It is easy to use anywhere.

Another reason: the high cost of cable and satellite service.

The results in the near future?

You will start seeing more unbundling options like Verizon is offering.

Netflix should soar.

Movie theaters will have to transform into live event venues. Does anyone still go to the movies regularly? I have been to one or two movies in the past two years.

Network TV outlets and cable stations will survive if they morph into the new media which a lot of them are doing. Live TV will help the major networks to survive. A major event — that is useless after it is recorded — is where the networks are going.

Sports will live on strongly. But as you see more kids going to soccer and other pastimes that aren’t traditional, outlets like ESPN will have big competition from regional sports stations.

News stations will thrive on bringing you more breaking news – which will be tied to your safety. However, you might be getting all that info from your phone rather than sitting in front of a TV.

As far as regular news coverage, the new order is a double-edged sword. The good: people will have a wide variety of choice when it comes to news sources so they can’t be pigeon-holed into one organization’s biased message. The bad: people have to work more and become journalists to themselves so they can decipher what is real news and what is pablum.

Lastly, you will start seeing more live streaming technologies like Meerkat and Periscope. This will make more of us entertainers, commentators, newscasters, and providers of content to our friends and family – and people around the world we don’t even know.


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