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Immigration Primer

by John on 01/23/2013


It looks like Immigration Reform will pass.  Both Democrats and Republicans are for it.

Take a look at this report from The Economist on Mexico.   It’s about 14 pages.  But it is worth reading if you want good information on why Immigration Reform will happen and why Mexico is no longer the value- ruining neighbors to the south.

Some take-aways:

  • Illegal immigration from Mexico has either stopped or reversed.  The US job market is bad and the Mexican job market is improving.
  • Mexico is on-track to the be the next China.  Manufacturing is moving there at a great rate.  China’s wages are growing, making Mexico a bargain.  In addition, Mexico graduates more engineers than the US.
  • The drug wars continue, but not all over Mexico.  Granted, there is still danger for businesses who relocate there and for tourists in certain regions.  Most tourist areas are not war zones.  Some reports say the narco-terrorists are respecting the tourist economy.

What can Mexico do:

  • Politically, they can revamp the terms of their presidents.  Right now,  the Mexican President serves one 6-year term.  In other words, the minute he’s elected, he’s a lame duck.  And he’s looking for his next gig by, most likely, giving away the country’s assets to special interests.
  • Economically, Mexico needs to get rid of the monopolies and oligarchies in oil, TV, cell service, and  cement.

What can the US do:

  • We need to legalize illegal drugs.  If we stopped the demand for the black pharma, the supply and the narco-terrorists would drop too.  In addition, tightening our gun laws would also help.
  • I love this one.  The US should allow US retirees to use their Medicare benefits at health institutions in Mexico.  It would free more retirees to live in less expensive Mexico.  It would also create more lower-cost competition for health care costs that should drop the overall cost of health care.


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