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Hurricane Sandy: What To Do If You Don’t Live Nearby

by John on 10/29/2012

The videocast is here.

Hurricane Sandy missed us in southeastern North Carolina.  It took a path about 200 miles out to sea before heading north northwest to the Middle Atlantic and New England.

So what should we take from Hurricane Sandy.

First, if you’re up north, hunker down.  This could be the biggest of perfect storms.

Second, if you’re not in the region being hit then stay informed and be ready to help – even if it is just letting people know you’re with them in spirit.

Third, weather tracking technology is amazing.  Just as forecasters told us, Sandy made a turn to the northwest.  Unfortunately, they may be right about the damage.  This is also where local TV news shines – because of the technology and the local reporters who know the area.  My suggestion – follow a local TV news stations weather center on twitter for immediate updates – in addition to watching them.  Up in New England, watch my buddy Matt Noyes on my old station NECN.

Fourth, acknowledge that something is happening in our environment.  When we talk about the financial calamity facing us, we say if we don’t pay attention then the bond market will let us know.  Well, if we don’t pay attention to the new climate, then the insurance market will let us know.  And right now they are.  The Pentagon and the CIA are also looking at what is happening in our world.

Fifth, don’t argue the cause of Global Warming. It’s a waste of time.  We don’t really know.  Sure, what man has done to earth seems like a reasonable cause.  But we don’t definitely know.  So, why get into an argument about it.

Sixth, realize what can be done to help our economy.  One thing that can be done is to bury all those electrical lines.  Yes it is expensive.  But it will create jobs and it will save tons of money as people will not lose food or days of work.  It can be a big part of rebuilding our infrastructure.

Seventh, Sandy should make us realize we are all in this together.  We’re not just Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservative, northerners or southerners.  We’re all here together.

Keep it on Informed Not Inflamed and my Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

Stay safe, stay informed.

Talk to you next time.

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