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Huck Plays Holocaust Card

by John on 07/27/2015

So Huck played the Holocaust card.

In case you missed it, the former Arkansas Governor and now GOP Presidential hopeful likened Obama’s nuke deal with Iran to “sending the Jews to the gas chamber.”

(Podcast here if you want to listen and not read.)

Sure, he crossed the line. Bringing out the Holocaust card is silly.

Let’s delve into it.

If you’re angry because you’re Jewish or you had family members who were victims of The Holocaust then you have every right to be angry.

Everyone else, get over it.

Here’s why.

First, it’s campaign season not Christmas. Sure, everyone thinks of Huckabee as a devout Christian. He is a politician first.

Second, understand the Trump Effect. Mike Huckabee is not getting noticed in the GOP scrum – known as the primary season. The Donald is. Even Ted Cruz is trying to get noticed. He attacked within the party, accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of lying.

Third, this is what bad campaign-finance laws and stupid rulings by the Supreme Court give us. Huckabee is looking for money. The more outlandish he becomes, the more his poll numbers rise, and the more special interest donors pile on the bribe dollars to his campaign.

Fourth, it shows that Huckabee’s and most of the GOP audience is extreme and myopic when it comes to foreign-policy. I am not saying the Iran deal is good or bad. But to put it in black/white, either/or terms shows how dim-witted his audience and many Americans are.

Fifth, this is where politicians like Huckabee can use the media and media bias.

The majority of Americans are uneducated on these issues so our politicians can give them pat reality TV-like answers because the media – mainly the broadcast and cable news media – don’t dare contradict them. Why? There are billions of dollars at stake from now until next November when the biggest reality TV event happens. It is called our presidential elections. And for a news outlet to delve into any educated, in-depth look at an issue will lose ad dollars. That’s the real media bias.

Unfortunately, the world’s issues are far more complicated.

Does this Iran deal scare me? Yes.

But is there a better alternative? I haven’t seen it yet.

Plus, I think Huckabee’s comments hurt those on the right who have legitimate concerns about this deal.

  • Europe may move ahead with this deal anyway scuttling our sanctions – even if we kept them in place.
  • Sure, Iran’s mullahs are totalitarian, but the Iranian people are modern and looking for a way to work with the rest of the world.
  • This deal could also force Saudi Arabia to work with Iran to either solve or make the problems of the Middle East come to a head.
  • Yes, Iran scares me, but Saudi Arabia doesn’t?
  • Letting these two totalitarian regimes fight it out and we try to contain it – is alright with most Americans who are tired of sending our assets over there.
  • We don’t need them over there. We have our own oil and energy supply now.
  • Still, when we remove ourselves from a region sometimes that spells bad news too.

So right there I have given you more information outlining the deal than any candidate has.

So when candidates like Mike Huckabee only talk to the stupid among us, it makes more sense to ignore them.

By becoming just as loud and bombastic as the candidates – no matter what party – we are feeding the special interest beast.

That’s why we need to stop rooting for candidates and pursue and learn issues – and how they will affect our lives.

Right now, we are failing to look at the major issues facing us in any learned or expert way. And the resources are there for you online.

Remember, politics is different from reality TV in one big way. When you turn off the made-for-TV reality TV stars, they go away. But when you turn off the TV from the political morons who are only vying for special interest money, they don’t go away. They are making our laws and setting up our policy.

That’s informed not inflamed.

Let me know your thoughts.

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