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How Liberty Health Share Works

by John on 05/02/2014

Here is one in a series of interviews with Dale Bellis, the Executive Director of Liberty Health Share.  Here is the interview segment.

We’re talking about Liberty Health Share.  Again this is medical cost sharing. It is not insurance, but it is allowable under the Affordable Care Act.  So as a member I pay a monthly share amount – or what insurance companies would call a premium. Liberty Health Share Executive Director Dale Bellis tells me where that share amount I have just paid goes.

In short, every month we have a share amount that we pay but it goes directly to someone’s medical bills.

Your monthly share, again which can replace your monthly insurance premium.  Here’s another big difference.  Liberty Health Share only takes about 12-percent of that monthly share for administrative costs compared to the insurance industry average of 25-to-30-percent.  For more on the programs offered by Liberty Health Share, go to: daly


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