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Healthcare Seems Outrageous: Not To These Folks

by John on 12/11/2015

Why would you just accept that outrageous quote for your healthcare for next year without looking at an alternative?

And I am talking about an alternative that is cost-effective, healthy, and recognized under the Affordable Care Act, so you are not subject to the fines and penalties for not having insurance.

Let me introduce you to 4 people who have gladly said goodbye to health insurance.

Instead, they have joined the alternative – medical cost sharing – with Liberty HealthShare.

Tony Adimey, of Las Vegas, joined because he was tired of seeing businesses laying off workers.

AJ Gohil, of Myrtle Beach, SC, made Liberty HealthShare a foundation to keep his golf marketing business strong.

Kathy Clair, of Ocean Isle Beach, NC, is a retail marketing analyst, deciding which companies should be bought, sold, or liquidated. Her analysis of Liberty HealthShare led to an instantaneous decision.

And Donna Tagliaferri, owner of a Las Vegas catering business, was shocked at the prices for healthcare and how people were losing their jobs over Obamacare. So she found the alternative that made financial and philosophical sense.

Some disclosure here from me: I am a member of Liberty HealthShare and my company, NOWtv, is contracted with Liberty HealthShare to provide content. I also get paid commissions for bringing in new members directly.

But Liberty HealthShare is more than just a job or a client. It is a disruptive company that is turning the healthcare industry on its head like Amazon, Uber, and AirBnB have.

We are seeing significant growth in members. And the reasons are simple economics. The health insurance industry is consolidating creating less supply while demand is growing. That can only mean high prices. And most of you are seeing high prices in the costs that you are being quoted for 2016 due to the unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act.

But the biggest reason is: medical cost sharing promotes a healthier lifestyle. It is healthcare not sick care. This is preventative medicine. And the stats bear this out: 80% of the diseases ailing us today can either be cured or controlled by lifestyle changes.

So, not only has Liberty HealthShare found a way to reduce short-term healthcare costs, but it is reducing long-term costs as well. Think about that when you really understand the fiscal tsunami facing us in the next decade when all those baby-boomers are living longer and having billions of dollars spent on their retirement healthcare.

Now many of you wouldn’t consider medical cost sharing because it is not insurance.

First, I was raised in Hartford, CT – the insurance capital of the world. My Dad worked at Aetna. Although the insurance industry on a whole is still viable, the health insurance industry is failing dramatically. For me, the son of a life-long insurance employee, it is time to find a new formula.

Second, I have found it. What most of you are frightened about is the catastrophic medical incident. I have heard from detractors that Liberty HealthShare won’t pay any large medical bills.

Well, they are wrong. My program with Liberty HealthShare is called Liberty Complete. Part of it calls for $1 million of my bills per medical incident – not just one incident – to be shared with my fellow members.

And you want more proof? How about this guy who hated Obamacare but joined Liberty HealthShare only to have a heart attack which saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And then I hear that Liberty HealthShare wouldn’t be good for families. Well, try telling that to this family.

Want to cut through the BS and get someone on the line who can get you involved, call this number: 888-616-9443 and ask for Leslie.







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