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GOP Candidates Not Reading NYT As Test of Candidacy?

by John on 04/07/2015

The silly season gets sillier. GOP candidates are now saying they don’t read the New York Times.

Here’s reality:

First, they do read it – just not publicly. And they are quick to quote the New York Times stories that hurt Democrats.

Second, if they really don’t then we should question their knowledge of the world as we did with Sarah Palin.

This is all about the money. These candidates are going for the big bucks of people like Sheldon Adelson. If there is any crack in their conservative bona fides then another candidate will take advantage and maybe get to the head of the bribery line.

Here’s the rule. Read everything from all perspectives.

For those of us, who really want to be informed, here’s my list of what you should be reading each day as a foundation for being knowledgeable and up-to-date.

  • New York Times: it is a great newspaper. Have they made mistakes? Sure. Are they liberal? Sure. Their editorial page staff leans left on most issues. Their story selection could be considered liberal as well. But word for word, its news stories are the best in the world. If reading one article from the New York Times changes your conservative views, then you weren’t much of a conservative. The fact is this: All conservatives should read The Old Grey Lady to at least know what the real liberal ideas are.
  • The Wall Street Journal: it too is a great newspaper. When Rupert Murdoch took it over I had my doubts, fearing it would become Fox News in print. It hasn’t. So far, the reporting is top-notch. I find the WSJ is one of the best on breaking news when it comes to major international stories. All liberals should read the WSJ for two reasons: 1.) their editorial page screams right-wing and pro corporate so you need to know what those ideas are; 2.) money makes the world go round or as Deep Throat said in the movie, not in reality, “follow the money.”

How do you read these newspapers? Read the first five paragraphs in each story then move on. These are top writers who tell you the whole story in the first paragraphs. The fuller details follow if you need it. But if you don’t have time, at least get the nuggets of what is happening.

  • The Economist: this is the best weekly magazine. Here’s why this publication is great for all American news consumers. First, it is a British publication so it sees US stories and issues with an objective point of view. Second, the journalists at The Economist see all stories with an economic viewpoint. Third, great website and mobile updates.
  • Stratfor: this is an analysis site on geopolitics. It is great if you travel a lot too since they give you updates on what is happening in different countries as far as safety goes. But their analysis on the economy and politics is second to none. They are straight forward with no political bent; all wonks all the time.

Yes, all these services now have pay walls. Times have changed. You have to pay for good info. Disclosure: I have no financial deals with any of these publications.

This is a good foundation. It will allow you to:

  1. Look at news from different perspectives within 15 minutes
  2. Save articles of further interest to you to read later
  3. Have a solid basis when you read other publications or websites with extreme or hard core points of view.

But what about TV? That’s another post.

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