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Going to Lexington, KY for The Glue

by John on 06/18/2014

Lexington, KY is one of my favorite spots for many reasons.

The big one is The Glue. The Glue is Doug Flynn. And I am playing in his celebrity golf event for Children’s Charity of the Bluegrass.

Events have already started for the week. So see if you can join us.

Here are the pairings that will play in the big event Friday morning. Pity the poor folks from Goff Southeast Tents. Not because of my golf game, but having to deal with my sense of humor.

So why is Doug called The Glue? Well, Doug explains it this way. And even the great Johnny Bench shakes his head and reluctantly agrees. You see the Big Red Machine of the 1970s had Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Ken Griffey, Davie Concepcion, and Pete Rose. They won the World Series in 1975 and 1976. Those two seasons were Doug’s first with the club. Then he was traded away for the 1977 season. Doug went on the play for the Mets, Brewers, and Expos. But the Reds and especially The Big Red Machine did not win another World Series after Doug left. So, as Doug says with a shrug of the shoulders, “I was the glue.”





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