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Find The Most Important Journalist While Shoveling $#!+

by John on 11/04/2016

elephant-diahreaYes, my new book, called appropriately Informed Not Inflamed, on the media and media bias is in the works.

However, writing it I felt like the zoo keeper stuck behind an elephant with incurable diarrhea.  It’s not easy cleaning up a shit storm.

The message, like the first book, is how to find the most important journalist.  The answer is in the mirror.  It is you.

We cannot blindly rely on any news organization.

072715_1747_ReadIsFunda1.jpgTake the recent Fox News blunder announcing that the FBI is ready to indict Hillary.  Fox’s Bret Baier had to walk it back.

Fox is responsible in its retraction, right?  “Are you still beating your wife?”

The retraction, from what I can see, was not on the Fox News website.  Clearly it was all over the liberal/progressive sites, and continues to be.

But what’s worse: the original Fox News incorrect story is floating all over social media – without any responsible people posting any retraction.  In fact, they seemed to push it as fact.  I call these folks Weapons of Mass Distortion.

bret-baierDid Fox News do this on purpose so close to the election?  We don’t know.  There are professional and credible news people within the organization.  So you can paint all of them.

But in the back of our news gathering minds we think this: Fox News, like other big media outlets, is also a for-profit company.  And one way to increase profits on TV is to draw an audience so ad rates can climb.  Plus, there are still a whole lot of dollars to be spent by the two campaigns.

Plus, earlier Fox News’ Sean Hannity retracted a story that he aired saying the Obama’s were walking back their support of Hillary Clinton.  The original story was not the shock; the fact that Sean Hannity took it back is the real news item.

Were these Fox News stories intended or not?  Again, we don’t know.  But we know this as fact.

Facts are either missing or distorted in today’s news business.

And since we all know this, why wouldn’t you protect yourself – and the country – because we base our lives and our economy on facts.  Thus the new book.

So, all of us need to realize our role in the new media.  Until, we realize that we now have the power of the media in social media, we have to become as ethical and responsible as we had, in the past, expected our news media to be.

The rise of Donald Trump and the ignorance of facts is not an overnight phenomena.

This is from The Economist about the mind-numbing stupidity of a growing number of white Americans:

Another enabling factor is that the bullshit was already familiar to millions of whites, because of the decline of another important institution, the mainstream media. Many of Mr. Trump’s supporters are more likely to get their information from right-wing blogs and talk-radio shows, which for the past two decades have been pushing hateful slanders against liberals, immigrants and non-whites. It can be disconcerting at Mr. Trump rallies to hear how thoroughly their nonsense is believed. “I can’t think of anything Trump could do that would stop me voting for him,” said Suzy Carter, a computer programmer in Delaware, who was convinced Mrs. Clinton had had “over 100” people killed, which made her decision to vote for Mr. Trump an easy one.

Scary stuff.

I will have more on the book and also some other thoughts on two emails: one from a friend; the other from an agent.  The first asked if being a so-called pioneer in reality television, do I feel responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.  The second from an agent wondering if I would re-consider news anchor jobs.  More on my “no” (really NFW) responses.

And if anyone has any ideas for some big shit shovels, let me know.

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