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Controlling Your Own News in New World Media

by John on 06/15/2014

One of the Informed Not Inflamed principles is this:

You are the most important journalist in your life.

That means deciphering the media and its bias.

But it also means controlling the news about yourself and your business.

Let me share some new formats that we’re producing that are both cutting edge and yet cost-effective.

So I have no desire to return to the news anchor desk. But I can still create news. Here is a news update on Sunset Beach rotary construction:

I shot and produced that on my iPhone. Think of the ramifications of this for the news business. With just your smart phone, you can become your own news agency for your neighborhood, community, or your business and your customers.

Again, you can do this with minimal costs compared to what a TV station or a video production house would charge.

One way to promote yourself and other companies is by creating your own show. The guests or subjects of your show can pay you for the exposure.

My business partner Susan Anzalone and I – with our NOWtv brand – has created a couple of show concepts.

Here is Undercover Foodie. It is a bunch of fun segments that combines the taste buds of Julia Child with the demeanor of Inspector Clouseau. The camera shots of the food, as Susan points out, is “food porn.”

Here are two segments – here and here — we shot while working in Philadelphia.

I also created the John Daly Golf Show. Yes, I play a lot of golf and in a lot of celebrity golf events. But I have the same name as the pro golfer who always tells me, “you’re ruining my name.” Still, I like to use my name and his because it leads to more hits.

One of the courses in North Carolina that uses the John Daly Golf Show is Thistle Golf Club.

Here is a news update on an event at Thistle Golf Club:

This is a time related piece we did connecting Thistle to US Open:

Here’s an information/marketing piece for Thistle Golf Club:

But you don’t have to produce videos for business. You can create videos about your passion. And you don’t have to shoot on an iPhone either. We created these shows that could air on broadcast TV thanks to our editor/genius Bob DiGregorio.

We created a show called Intrigue about all things food, wine, and travel.

Here’s a piece on the gourmet food truck craze in San Francisco. h

And here’s the story on an interesting wine family in Napa.

Besides video, think about radio segments to show your expertise. I use Informed Not Inflamed brand as a radio show on BlogTalkRadio to give more depth of information for thinkers and business people with new services and new ways of thinking about the new economy.

Here is a radio interview with Chris Steely, a business consultant to show off his expertise.

And here is an interview with Michael Carr about media bias and the economy. But we also discuss Mike’s stock trading system that uses a mathematical system he developed while overseeing the nuclear missile facilities at U.S. Strategic Air Command. 

As a result of all this, we are working with a number of new companies now including Miracle Flights. Here is our first piece for them to help raise more awareness and funds to get kids lifesaving flights to medical care.

Let us know how we can help you either by creating video content for you or by training you how to do it yourself.

Bottom line: if you don’t have video content like this you cannot market yourself on social media.


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