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Congrats to Fox News?

by John on 06/01/2015

Statista showed off the latest Quinnipiac Public Opinion Poll showing Fox News as the most trusted news channel.

Here are the numbers.

But what is this really saying?

First, Fox is the winner of the losers. If 29% trust Fox News, then 71% don’t trust them. MSNBC has a dismal 93% distrust rating.

Second, if you believe that Fox News is the only conservative news channel and all the others are the liberal media then that means the liberal media beats the conservative media 57-29%. Fox may win the cable ratings but the majority of Americans either don’t like their slanted right-wing shtick or they like to see a lot of different news outlets on the left. The reality is most Americans who are liberal or moderate jump around to different news outlets because they are not passionate about the actual news outlets while Fox News watchers are loyal and passionate.

Third, Fox News will turn this into promo gold. They will tout America’s trust in them. The real coup is Fox News’ ability to keep any other conservative media outlets from getting on the air.

I knock Fox News for their distorted news stories, but I never knock them for their business acumen. Their corporation controls a lot of the media to ever be challenged in their right-wing space.

Fourth, it’s all about the special interest money. What keeps all these news channels alive and their messages distorted is dark PAC money.

Fifth, the most important journalist in your life is you.

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