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CNN, All Media: The New Russia?

by John on 06/28/2017

Glenn-GreenwaldGlenn Greenwald wrote a great piece in reaction to the CNN retraction story.

He cites many media recklessness and mistakes trying to uncover the Russia-Trump campaign connection.  He writes:

In sum, anything is fair game when it comes to circulating accusations about official U.S. adversaries, no matter how baseless, and Russia currently occupies that role. 

Greenwald has a lot of good stuff here.  The media might be collectively swarming when it comes to a spill of Russian honey.  He backs some of my theories:

  • The media has an entertainment/sports bias looking for an intriguing drama or a contest pitting one side against another.
  • The media is like most for-profit companies: revenues can take precedent over the actual goal; and in this new economy margins are tight so get eyeballs anyway you can.

But don’t swallow this criticism completely.  Create a more in-focus picture of this story by considering:

  • Greenwald is a journalist/columnist who made Edward Snowden famous who is now living in and working with Russia.
  • There’s no condemnation of this White House who believes its own citizens are more of a threat than a foreign power calling them Public Enemy No. 1.
  • There’s no mention that to push further the CNN retraction story they cite the work of a highly suspicious filmmaker in Edward O’Keefe, accused recently of creative editing for political purposes.
  • While Greenwald’s aim, I think, is to get journalists to adhere to their higher standards, there is no mention of the lack of standards this White House enjoys by distorting facts or contradicting their own statements.
  • The media from all different political leanings has had to retract stories on Russia.
  • The media does not make laws.  Media bias is only a symptom of what is wrong with us.  The real cause is the lawmakers who take huge amounts of campaign money and ignore the real problems and solutions.

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