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Budget Talks Explained

by John on 06/01/2015

Steve Dennis, White House Correspondent for Roll Call and the owner of some cool sunglasses, tweeted this about the budget talks between Democrats and GOP.

Budget talks in short:

Administration to GOP: You first.

GOP to admin: Show us the cuts. And no tax hikes. Thanks.

He’s right.

What does this show? Two things:

First, our political leaders wait for the other side to make a move then they react. Why? They have no policy ideas – only ideology which leads to …

Second, no politician is willing to make a move since it will piss off the billionaire benefactors (my spell-check kept coming up “BRIBERS”) who are funding their campaigns and the conflicting, corrupt policies from both political parties.

Reality check is this. We need:

  1. Tax reform first and foremost; get rid of silly deductions that do nothing but skew any kind of free market and give the wealthy extra advantage
  2. Increased tax revenue; doesn’t mean a higher tax rate if we wipe out the deductions, but clearly we are not bringing in enough money to the federal government because which leads to…
  3. Decrease in spending for long-term entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security
  4. Increase in short-term spending to boost infrastructure and training so we look like a 21st Century country.

Bottom line, folks, we cannot spend, tax, or cut our way out of this. We need to do all 3.

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