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Brunswick Beach News Launches: Look for More

by John on 10/27/2012

If all politics is local, then so is news.

I have launched on Facebook, Brunswick Beach News. I also did a quick video on the effect (not much) from Hurricane Sandy.  The video is not the greatest; it’s crude shooting and cruder video; all done by me.

For me, this is an experiment in how the media can survive and thrive in the new economy.

Some say newspapers are dying.  My observation is this: newspapers will die only if they do nothing.

What newspapers can do is hire some solid TV reporters, producers, and editors to create video stories that complement the work of print journalists.

I am always amazed at newspaper executives who tell me video doesn’t on newspaper sites.  When I see the video they post, it’s usually raw video shot by someone’s cell phone or by the newspaper reporter who is trained to get the print story.  That video never tells a story or compels the reader.

It’s sad, because newspapers could wipe out local TV if they did it right. Unfortanately, most newspapers would rather stay in the old days and die rather than change, which isn’t easy, and grow in the new economy.


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