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Baby Boomers Go From Fertile to Fertilizer?

by John on 03/15/2014

baby boom vs gen yRadio broadcast here too.

So I am having this nightmare. It goes like this.

I am 30 years older — which means I’m well into my 80s. I’m standing there with my cane, drooling saying “I told you so.”

The next moment I become fertilizer spread all over the ground to grow new plants for biofuels for your grandchildren.

OK it’s really not a nightmare. I saw this during the daytime. No I wasn’t drinking. I was reading and watching television news. This is the same nightmare — or terror — all of us — who are over 48 years old — will be facing soon.

I saw this while watching the news coverage of the special election in Florida in Pinellas County. The cable news stations — MSNBC and FOX News — spent all their time analyzing who who won and who lost and why.  As usual, they missed the real story. The real loser was America. The election was a so-called referendum on Obamacare. It should have been a referendum on Medicare.

No candidate, political analyst, or campaign ad, even mentioned the Tsunami of debt that is coming our way in six years — thanks to the entitlement crisis from Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. Obamacare is not the problem here. It is also not the solution either.

tGaAVse_600full-soylent-green-screenshotRead the latest CBO report on entitlements and what they’re going to do to our economy very soon. Very soon means 5 to 6 years. That’s when people, the baby boomers 48 and older right now, really start retiring in even bigger numbers. Those numbers of retirees — and the promises they were made on what they’re going to get for their medical coverage — cannot be met mathematically.

To get another glimpse, look at the pension crisis in cities like Detroit, Michigan or Central Falls, Rhode Island. Those retirees were supposed to get checks worth 20,000 $30,000 a year. Because there’s no money — or because those pensions were not properly funded – or illegally underfunded — many of those people might be getting four and $5000 a year to live off of. Here’s what they’re hearing.  Tough luck. Hey that’s the math.

Now look at the special interest money that went into that special election in Florida.  And it is only going to get worse with no repeal of the Citizens United decision, and the new schemes of dark money able to control even more of our elections. A recent report by the Sunlight Foundation showed that the amount of dark money is growing, corporate campaign dollars are growing, and the number of lobbyists who are now working directly in Congress is growing even more so.

And right now, that special-interest money is being geared to baby boomers and senior citizens — because they vote in large numbers. And baby boomers and senior citizens do not want their Medicare touched. That was the cry of the tea party. Keep the government’s hands off my Medicare. Well, the Tea Party has an approval rating of around 20-percent.   That will only drop further.  Because the government won’t be in the hands of the baby boomers for much longer.

That change is coming.  Here’s something else I witnessed recently. We spoke to a business consultant who works with some major corporations to help make their employees more productive and happier. This business consultant is at the top of his field. However, he’s in his mid 60s. And he’s having trouble getting new clients because his previous corporate contacts are no longer running the boardrooms because they’ve retired and they’ve been replaced by younger executives. He contacted us to create videos and social media marketing so he could reach these younger executives — these millennials and those who are younger than baby boomers, who are taking over the economy slowly but surely.

Do a Google search on millennials and the new economy. You will see that in the next 5 to 6 years and beyond the millennials and Generation X and Y — will be controlling the economy and it won’t look anything like the economy we saw in the 80s and 90s.  They will be the ones making the economic decisions based on new technologies and new economic trends and realities – such as our aging society.

In addition, the millennials and those under 40 now will start becoming active voters. They will be the ones who will be voting for their pocket books and against the needs and the wishes of the baby boomers and the seniors.

Here’s what they will see when they look at the older generation. They will see the choking debt on the economy that will hurt their futures and the future of our country. They will eventually say we cannot afford this.

But when they see that, they will be the ones controlling the special interest money. They will also look to see who is causing this financial crisis that is hurting America. They will clearly point to the baby boomers. The argument will go something like this. You were the generation that thrived thanks to the generation before you — that was the greatest generation ever. That generation sacrificed their lives, a lot of their future after World War II, to make a better life for all of us. What did you baby-boomers do with that?  You gave your children the greatest debt that our nation has ever seen. In addition, you gave us an economy that did not create jobs because you failed to invest in education for the new technology.

As a result, there will be a generation of millenniums, mainly men, who will be underemployed or under paid during their most productive years. That will build massive resentment. And all they will see is a generation of old people wanting the next generation to pay for their retirement and their medical care in their golden years. The millennials will say the math doesn’t add up. Then they will appeal to our patriotic side.  They will tell us to be like our parents and grandparents. Be the next greatest generation. Sacrifice to keep the country intact. That is a nice way of saying death panels. Sarah Palin was partially right. Partially right is redundant when you mention Sarah Palin.  Where she is wrong is that she was talking about Obamacare. The problem here is not Obamacare; it is Medicare. That’s where you’re going to get the death panels. It’s not going to be the 26-year-olds who are allowed to stay on their parents plan. It’s going to be the old farts — you and me — in a few years, in a few decades that Sarah Palin’s death panels will visit.

But instead of calling them death panels they will be telling us — with their special interest dollars in their political ads — that we need to sacrifice for the country. We won’t be fighting fascism.  We won’t be fighting Islamic extremism. Nope.  We will be fighting to push through the next plants.  I don’t mean factories.  I mean daisies or shrubs – through the ground – or biofuels that will run our cars trains and planes.

Our passing, our demise, our elimination from America will become the fertilizer for that growth. And the best way to do it is to get rid of us because we will be nothing but dead weight on the economy and the nation’s future.

So when you follow a political party, remember they are money machines. They go after special interest money. In a few years, most baby boomers will not vote as much as the millennials. As a result special-interest money will be coming from the millennials — voting against the baby boomers.

Remember this, when you’re a member of the political party. Political parties only see money in the next election. They do not look ahead to the future of the country.

So in closing, let me offer suggestions.  To the baby-boomers, see you in the ground, my fellow pieces of human manure.  And to the millenials, it will best to use us in the fields where you will grow turnips and kale.  Our bitterness will enhance the taste.

And to everyone else, remember that special election in Pinellas County Florida.

Stay informed not inflamed.

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