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Another Blow to Cable News: Media Bias? No, Something Else

by John on 06/28/2012

Fox News and CNN gave their viewers, readers, and online audience the wrong info on the Affordable Care Act.

Is this media bias? No, it’s the entertainment bias.  They were only trying to be first. It’s trying to create a promo that says we were the first to bring it to you.

At least CNN apologized.  Still, Fox says they got it right.

Wrong again, FNC.

They’re trying to argue that Bill Hemmer was reporting on the Court refuting just the commerce clause.

That’s BS.  FNC’s graphics clearly said — along with their anchors — that Obamacare was struck down.  Fox was so elated they missed the point of truly informing and offering context to their viewers.

I witnessed it first-hand.

I was in the bank at the time. The TV in the bank had Fox News on. I had to take a phone call outside on my cell. When I finished the call, a bank patron walked out heading to his car.

“It’s knocked out,” he said, referring to the health care decision.

“Just the individual mandate,” I said.

“No,” he quickly replied, “the whole thing was shot down.”

Then I started reading my news alerts from Politico realizing the bank customer was completely ill-informed by a major news (sorry I meant entertainment) network.

Here’s a good lesson in watching breaking news because unfortunately you will have to watch our offerings of cable news.

  1. Realize that breaking news is usually not vetted news. Don’t expect it to be a complete news story.
  2. Understand that TV news organizations want to boast about how they bring you the news first. What they fail to realize is we want the real story first.

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